Diligence, Honesty, Sincerity The basic spirit of our company complies with the spirit of Solpia Group. Diligent, honest and sincere workforce is our asset and pride. Of course we apply these virtues–diligence, honesty and sincerity to all our dealings and relationship with our partners and customers. By constantly asking ourselves the following questions, we have eagerly strived to grow and become better company than yesterday.

(1) Am I diligent in my workplace?

(2) Am I honest to myself?

(3) Am I a sincere person?

You ask these questions, we show you the answer!

Sistar Kenya is a unique brand of Hair products available in the Kenyan market. We have transformed the look and feel of the Kenyan ladies through our bold styles up to date innovation. Sophisticated in our hair expertise. Driven by our passion for hairstyling, and motivated by your commitment to your loyal following, we aim to reliably deliver our loftier products.

We invite you to explore our vast array of Weave + Closure, Weaves, Crochet Braids and Braids. From our newest trend-setting hair collections, to the latest hair tips & tricks, immerse yourself in a world of beauty designed with you in mind.

Sistar Kenya has always been the preferred brand of hair for professionals and end-users. With quality that you can rely on, and innovative new developments that make styling easier and less time-consuming, Sistar Kenya is a brand you can always trust. Available in every shade of your natural hair for a seamless transition, vibrant colors that make a statement, and color combinations that you can’t find anywhere else. Sistar Kenya brings out the beauty, confidence and independence that you the African woman needs. Sistar Kenya has it all...

We LOVE our customers. And we strive everyday to serve them better! Our staffs(Sales Rep, Marketers, Merchandisers & Administration) are trained hair beauty experts and we will give you a personalized hair beauty outlook! You can shop with us on our channels. Once you place your order, we will deliver according to the delivery system. For more information on delivery and payments please contact our office. .

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